One Way Christians Can Find the Truth

It’s clear that there are times that Christians seemed entrenched in a difficult version of conflict. There are two sides to a story, and Christians find themselves having to decide which side to believe. Well-meaning, Godly Christians probably will seek to apply Proverbs 18:13 to these types of situations. They don’t want to make a judgment before investigating and listening to what’s going on. Even more so, Christians have probably learned the truth of Proverbs 18:17. We can’t just listen to one side of the story. And if we do, the first person we listen to can likely make a good case that...

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On the Second Day of Christmas (Comfort)

On the second day of Christmas comfort, here are two encouraging quotes from Jerry Bridges book...

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On the First Day of Christmas (Comfort)

On the first day of Christmas comfort, we are reminded that we have one great savior, Jesus Chr...

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Newsletter - January 2020

Greetings to all our family and friends! It’s hard to believe that we’ve been away from you all...

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Update on Our Move to Westminster Theological Seminary

Newsletter - Summer 2019 Hello Family and Friends!   After a few months away, we thought it wo...

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The Bad Abortion Argument and What Needs to Happen to Prove Abortion

The concept of viability is a bad argument for abortion. The reason being is that viability is...

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The Irony of the Woke Church Movement

I've been thinking lately about something that is an interesting consideration. The "Woke Churc...

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How to React to the Passing of Rachel Held Evans

Popular author Rachel Held Evans passed away on May 4th, 2019. Announced in an update on Rachel's bl...

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Jesus Death, Burial, and Resurrection. Three Days and Three Nights

Let's finally clear this issue up. The death of Jesus Christ happened on Good Friday, His resur...

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Douglas Beaumont Shows How Not To Argue

There's a good example of how not to argue provided by a recent attack on Dr. James R. White. T...

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William Lane Craig, Matt Walsh, Andy Stanley, Cheapen the Christian Worldview

A recent tweet from William Lane Craig has prompted me to comment on an issue that seems consis...

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Don't Be Afraid to Call it a Sacrament

Often times I've heard Christians take issue with calling baptism or communion, "sacraments". ...

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by Jeremy Menicucci · Various Scriptures · · June 6, 2012

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Remix III:Fruit of the Spirit

by Jeremy Menicucci · Scripture: Galatians 5:22-26 · September 28, 2018

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Hebrews 6:1-6

by Jeremy Menicucci · Various Scriptures · · February 1, 2012

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Knowing and Showing the Power of Christ

by Jeremy Menicucci · Scripture: 2 Corinthians 13:1-14 · July 28, 2017

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Diligent Joy

by Jeremy Menicucci · Scripture: James 1:19-25 · January 11, 2015

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Why Real Christians are Restrained Christians

by Jeremy Menicucci · Scripture: 1 Corinthians 9:19-27 · July 1, 2016

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Real Christians are Resilient Christians

by Jeremy Menicucci · Scripture: 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 · July 8, 2016

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Galatians 1:11-24

by Jeremy Menicucci · Various Scriptures · · October 24, 2012

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The Description of a Christian’s Lifestyle

by Jeremy Menicucci · Scripture: 1 Corinthians 10:14-22 · July 15, 2016

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