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Remembering Two Pillars in Nouthetic Counseling

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This year, we witnessed the passing of two great pillars in the field of Biblical Counseling. David Powlison and Jay Adams passed into eternity.

I've finally had some time to be able to slow down and write about these two formative individuals. These two men have done more for Nouthetic Counseling than most. They have helped to focus our attention on the sufficiency of Scripture for life and godliness.

They have helped us to see that the Scriptures can and should help us in all of the issues that we face. 

Jay Adams has probably done more than any theologian or any single individual to shape me and my life. Not only in the area of counseling but of theology in general. His approach to eschatology was eye-opening and he did so much to show me what a consistent, Biblical eschatology looks like. 

Although I am sad to see these brothers go, I am thankful for the legacy they have left behind and all the work they have done. Rather, the Lord has done through them.