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Newsletter — January 2021

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Greetings to all our family and friends!

As we begin a New Year, we wanted to take a moment to give you all an update. 

This past year has been full of God’s continued grace and mercy amid many challenges and a lot of changes. 

In March of 2020, Westminster went to online schooling and they have remained online for the remainder of the year. They plan to continue with online schooling through the Spring semester of 2021. While we were disappointed that Westminster didn’t open their campus for the Fall Semester, we were thankful that the Library remained open, professors invited students to meet in person, and students could attend chapel in person. As you can imagine, studying at home with a house full to little children comes with many challenges. However, we are so thankful for God’s grace through it all. We worked hard to setup a nice place for Jeremy to study and got him noise-cancelling earphones.

Jeremy continues to do very well in school. Some of his classes post prerecorded lectures, others host live lectures via Zoom. In addition, his classes hosted discussion groups to allow students to ask questions and talk with professors. This past semester proved to be the most challenging semester thus far with 8 different classes. The workload was quite daunting. In books alone, he had over 7,000 pages to read. We are thankful for God’s grace that sustained us, granting us endurance to work hard while trying to use every moment of the semester wisely. 

As for the kids and I, we stayed busy at home trying hard to stick to our routine. We started homeschooling our children this Fall. Each morning I do Bible School with all the kids. We have fun learning God’s Word, memorizing Scripture, and singing songs of praise. In the afternoon, I work with the older two on English and Math. In addition, we have been blessed to join a local Classical Conversations group. We have enjoyed the community and have been astounded by all that the kids are learning. It’s one of our favorite things that we do. 


Our church has continued to meet in person. We are thankful to God for the wonderful and encouraging teaching we receive each week. We’ve been able to attend home group as a family and I’m still a part of a woman’s Bible study. 


Even through the pandemic, lock-downs, and social-distancing, God has been so good to continue to grant us community with professors, church leaders, and friends who impact our lives and challenge us to better live for His glory. It was always our goal, in coming to Westminster, to grow in the Lord. We are so thankful for all the ways He continues to change us and mold us more into the image of His Son. 


One thing that has continued to astound me all year long is God’s grace to us, as shown through many of you - our family and our dear friends. You continue to encourage and pray for us. Through difficulties, we’ve been blessed of God by you. While here, we have not had to worry about how we might afford to pay for school books, pay the next month’s rent, or pay the next bill. God has graciously provided as He always does. I can’t express how divinely wonderful it is to be free of the burden of being able to pay for school. He has used you to free us to focus on learning and growing. All praise to God for His kindness to us as He uses you. May He be gloried. 

We truly love and miss you all. Hoping we can see each of you soon.