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The Irony of the Woke Church Movement

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I've been thinking lately about something that is an interesting consideration. The "Woke Church Movement" insists on white people listening more to or paying more attention to people of color. 

The Woke Church Movement wants white people to be more diverse in who they listen to. They believe the more diverse the better. Don't just settle for having one black friend, go for two-plus. 

The irony is that I have actually followed by their instruction. I've started following and listening to a lot more people of color. It's ironic because I don't really "listen" to the rhetoric they are using. However, I have started listening to more black people. I've increased the number of black people I follow on Twitter. 

The Woke Church Movement worked to get me to listen to more people of color. It's just ironic because the people of color I listen to fundamentally disagree with the Woke Church Movement in all it's rhetorical and doctrinal glory. 

So while the Woke Church Movement accomplished its purpose in getting me to pay much closer attention to people of color, it also did much to drive me further away from the movement itself and the main proponents of it. 

Ironic indeed.