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Welcome to the Nouthetic Apologetics and Counseling blog. We consider our posts a primary means of ministry for Nacmin.

Our primary goal is to provide encouraging and helpful blog posts that can help you. We aim to provide resources for counseling as well as to receive counseling. We also aim to provide posts that help in defending the faith.

Category: General Discussion

Remembering Two Pillars in Nouthetic Counseling

This year, we witnessed the passing of two great pillars in the field of Biblical Counseling. D...

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How to React to the Passing of Rachel Held Evans

Popular author Rachel Held Evans passed away on May 4th, 2019. Announced in an update on Rachel's bl...

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Jesus Death, Burial, and Resurrection. Three Days and Three Nights

Let's finally clear this issue up. The death of Jesus Christ happened on Good Friday, His resur...

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Don't Be Afraid to Call it a Sacrament

Often times I've heard Christians take issue with calling baptism or communion, "sacraments". ...

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