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Welcome to the Nouthetic Apologetics and Counseling blog. We consider our posts a primary means of ministry for Nacmin.

Our primary goal is to provide encouraging and helpful blog posts related to Christian Counseling and Christian Apologetics that can help you. We aim to provide resources for Christian counseling as well as to receive counseling. We also aim to provide posts that help in defending the faith.

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Jeremy Menicucci
@jmenicucci · 1 day ago

The faithful, having the all-ruling hand of God ever before them, will never hesitate to cast all their cares and concerns upon Him. And they will all the while rest assured that the devil and all wicked men,

@realnacmin · 1 day ago

The Sanctifying Benefits of Justice https://t.co/3P6Q7pIrei

@realnacmin · 1 day ago

Update on Our Move to Westminster Theological Seminary https://t.co/NXX7Kjdml4