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The Smoke and Mirrors of an Evil Worldview

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Listening to Sen. Lisa Smith spew the same bad, garbage argument from a recent tweet incited me to write a post regarding the typical argument of infanticide advocates. 

The tweet in question:

Sen. Smith brings up the same old, worn out argument from those who just want to kill babies. Her point? Let's let doctors and women decide their healthcare.

Anyone with any sense and ability to think for themselves knows that's not the issue. But the argument is effective (apparently) at distracting us from the real issue. 

The argument tugs at the heartstrings of a serious, social issue: oppressing women when it comes to taking care of their health. 

There are numerous problems with Sen. Smith's rhetoric. First, she's someone who hasn't been aborted, so obviously she can talk and breath air and speak words, unlike the infants whose death she's advocating. 

Second, she's distracting people from the real issue. Distraction is key for abortion. Not being able to see what's really going on with abortion. That's why infanticidal maniacs rephrase abortion as, "medical". That's why they've (historically) killed infants in the womb and argued for pre-born inhumanity.

What's worse? The senator is advocating for killing infants outside the womb and still calling it women's healthcare.

This is despicable and deplorable and should be labeled what it actually is: pure, unadulterated evil.