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On the First Day of Christmas (Comfort)

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On the first day of Christmas comfort, we are reminded that we have one great savior, Jesus Christ. He is the reason for the season. Jesus is the one way of salvation. 

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

(John 14:6)

What Jesus says here isn't that he is a way of salvation. He states that he is the only way of salvation. Even though he doesn't use the word "only," that's clearly what he intended to communicate. 

This is because he uses the definite article. It's also true because he says that no one is able to come to the Father except through him. 

How does this provide us with our first day of comfort? This is comforting because it reminds us that no matter what difficulties we go through, we still have Jesus Christ. We still have the Gospel. We still have eternal salvation.

We have an eternity secured. Our pain and suffering now is nothing compared to the pain and suffering that will happen in eternity apart from God. Our real pain and suffering now is sin. Sin is ruinous and miserable. However, we have one way. We have one savior. We have Jesus Christ. 

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Pastor Jeremy Menicucci is the CEO of Nacmin, Editor in Chief, and main contributor to nacmin.org. He is an established nouthetic counselor, pastor, apologist, amatuer textual critic, husband and father.

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